Sometimes it is good to remember

It is good to sometimes reflect over times when you worked with wonderful people serving others.

I do remember the time with the team in Mafikeng and in Cape Town. It was great to collaborate for the benefit of others. You learn a lot about yourself and about the discipline and commitment needed to serve.

To volunteer also mean to be committed and not think that ‘you are just a volunteer’. Others depend on you.

Together with Melinda (next to me, Sweden), Thomas (Germany), Nicole (Sweden) and Charlton (South Africa)

Working at St. Peter’s Academy was really special. Here I am with Melinda de Lange (Sweden), Nicole Österberg (Sweden) and Charlton Adonis (South Africa)


Turning Recess into a Hive for Learning

We are truly encouraged by the Grade 8 students at Hodisa Technical Secondary School who have no problem coming to the Mobile Learning for Recess project during their school break/interval/recess.. They are creating their own book of memories, using mobile phones as a resource to learn more about how to construct an autobiography, how do craft a great motto and a poem and what skills to use when thinking about the layout of a page.

Desmond, Theby and Bhekani