Sometimes it is good to remember

It is good to sometimes reflect over times when you worked with wonderful people serving others.

I do remember the time with the team in Mafikeng and in Cape Town. It was great to collaborate for the benefit of others. You learn a lot about yourself and about the discipline and commitment needed to serve.

To volunteer also mean to be committed and not think that ‘you are just a volunteer’. Others depend on you.

Together with Melinda (next to me, Sweden), Thomas (Germany), Nicole (Sweden) and Charlton (South Africa)

Working at St. Peter’s Academy was really special. Here I am with Melinda de Lange (Sweden), Nicole Österberg (Sweden) and Charlton Adonis (South Africa)


Responsibility at the Wisehub House

The new WISEHUB HOUSE in Bloemfontein is giving me chances to work and learn from James Rush who is visiting from the USA and from the team at the house.

Taking care of the place and working with students in the community, serving and at the same time leaning to be responsible  are all part of it.


Turning Recess into a Hive for Learning

We are truly encouraged by the Grade 8 students at Hodisa Technical Secondary School who have no problem coming to the Mobile Learning for Recess project during their school break/interval/recess.. They are creating their own book of memories, using mobile phones as a resource to learn more about how to construct an autobiography, how do craft a great motto and a poem and what skills to use when thinking about the layout of a page.

Desmond, Theby and Bhekani